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This property was granted to my ancestors in 1858 and remained the family farm until 2011. It was sold to the neighbouring quarry, as it is difficult to make a living from a small rural New Brunswick farm. Many small farms in the Maritimes have been sold for uses outside of the agricultural industry. By creating this artwork, I hope to capture the memory of my family’s farm.

The rugs in this body of work were hooked of all six buildings that were most recently used and lived in, on the farm property. The interiors are images from inside the farmhouse, where my Grandmother lived for 70 years. All of the rugs were hooked by hand using hand dyed and hand cut wool. These rugs were made to celebrate the houses and buildings that were a part of the farm property. All rugs were made in 2012 2014, 2015 and 2016.

A view of the farm from above, taken in the 1970s.

Installation at MSVU Art Gallery - January 2015

The garage

The kitchen

Gram's house

The barn

The livingroom

The sugarcamp

The field

Drawings and plans

Installation at The Owens Art Gallery - January 2016